BUCS Fleet Racing 2019

Racing was called off today due to extremely high winds and poor weather however it is expected to go ahead as normal tomorrow.

The team racing tomorrow is as follows:

Firefly 1: Dom Lewis & Rob Giadelli
Firefly 2: James Hammett & Will Husband
Firefly 3: Willow Bland & Emma Mcknight
Firefly 4: Chris James & Scott Ellis
Firefly 5: Freya Anderson & Gemma Keers

Laser 1: Monika Mikkola
Laser 2: Sam Davis

420: Laniey Terkelson and Emily Gent

29er 1: Jessie Main & Millie Aldridge

29er 2: Hannah Roberts-straw & Sophie Otter

RS200: Ed Harris & Will Knatchbull

Nacra 15: Theo Williams & Jonathan Musgrove

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