Racing was called off today due to extremely high winds and poor weather however it is expected to go ahead as normal tomorrow.

The team racing tomorrow is as follows:

Firefly 1: Dom Lewis & Rob Giadelli
Firefly 2: James Hammett & Will Husband
Firefly 3: Willow Bland & Emma Mcknight
Firefly 4: Chris James & Scott Ellis
Firefly 5: Freya Anderson & Gemma Keers

Laser 1: Monika Mikkola
Laser 2: Sam Davis

420: Laniey Terkelson and Emily Gent

29er 1: Jessie Main & Millie Aldridge

29er 2: Hannah Roberts-straw & Sophie Otter

RS200: Ed Harris & Will Knatchbull

Nacra 15: Theo Williams & Jonathan Musgrove

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