Last week two teams from Exeter University Sailing Club and The Royal Southern Academy took on the J80 World Championships.

Team Seafire (10):
Scott Wallis, Annabel Bates, Belle Body, Nellie Gannon and Jakob Schmutz.

Team Now4 (24):
Freddie Liardet, Oscar Baker, Rory Cheetham and Will Roberts.

The competition was fierce! Made up of silver medal Olympians, Worlds champions and National champions… we had our work cut out for us.

The whole week was an incredible learning experience, it is very rare in keel boats to get the opportunity to be on the start line with 47 other identical boats!

Highlight of the week for both teams would have to be finishing in 11th and 12th place in race 12. Turning around to see the rest of the fleet with their spinnakers up on the run home was incredible!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way. The Royal Southern Academy Trust for your generous grant, The Royal Southern Academy for your support and Musto for sponsoring Exeter University of Exeter Sailing Club.

Our J80 journey is by no means over, we look forward to launching more information about our future plans soon!

J/80 World Championships 2017

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